Couple of questions

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Couple of questions

Beitrag von oldparish » 25.09.2014 11:13

First question,noticed on the Sportschau they were very quick to show the "crowd trouble"in K@&n last Sunday. Anyone who was there how bad was it? Second question, in 1970 Brasil were the first country to win the Jules Rimet trophy three times so they kept it. Well, Germany are the first country to win this new trophy three times. Are the DFB doing anything to make sure that they keep this one? Just a thought.
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Re: Couple of questions

Beitrag von Rastatter » 30.10.2014 13:42

Over 45 injured cops. I was not there, but the worst thing is, that the Hooligans of different teams and a lot of XXX demonstrated together. I thought this times were over. :roll: (the xxx means people with national radicals attitudes)

No, the Fifa decided after the third win of Brasil, that the World Cup is a Wander-Pokal (Challenge Cup, I don´t know, wether this is the right english word for it)