Same old, same old.

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Same old, same old.

Beitrag von Cormac » 23.07.2022 21:49

Hey fellow Fohlenfans,
it's that time of year again when expectations starting to grow, and there has enough time gone passed since last dreadful season.
I watch 4 pre-season matches vs. Essen, Duisburg/Bilbao, Standard and todays Sociedad game. And the best period of them all has been the first 20 mins in Essen.
Otherwise no real hunger, no craving for a win. No excitement.
In the 'Generalprobe' today Sommer with one or two great saves, probably with the most touches of all players, AGAIN :gaehn: . Long passes on Thuram, some blunders in defense.
On the positive side we didn't loose a match, yet. Long may it last. Have a great season, Borussia.
Good luck from Ireland.
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Re: Same old, same old.

Beitrag von Mike# » 23.07.2022 23:03

It's all the same, but the trainer,... :oops: - saisonal-start as evey time? :? And hungry fans again :roll: