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Verfasst: 12.12.2016 12:50
von oldparish
I know three points are three points and boy don't we need them.But,that was one of the worst performances(and games) I have seen in the Favre/Schubert era.Why are we so slow going forward now?First pass is nearly always backwards.No pace up front.If I may I would like to put forward a few things for consideration and I would be grateful for thoughts from anyone who watches games at the Borussia Park and around the country.First,3 at the back gives me a nervous breakdown and I don't care how fashionable it is.Second,I am not a fan of Strobl,Kramer seems to have lost 1/2 a yard of pace in his year away.I don't think Hahn is a natural goal scorer like Olli or Arie.We are missing the real Patrick Herrmann for many reasons.Why Schubert doesn't seem to like Mo is beyond me and I think Fabian Johnston doesn't seem to want to give 100%every time.Has the Champions League taken it's toll on the energy of the squad?I have only seen little glimpses of Sow but he has pace runs the channels well and could put defenders under pressure.Benes I haven't seen at all but if he's good enough for the bench chuck him onto the field.I also think Yann Sommer seems a little complacent these days and needs to get back to his best when he joined.Finally I do think we are missing Traore and all he brings.I hope I am not being over critical here but this born out of disappointment and disbelief that we can go from hammering Basel to scraping a fortunate win against Mainz in the space of a couple of months.After all my moaning and groaning I would like to wish all Borussia fans a happy Christmas and a healthy new year