Champions League

Borussia all over the world!
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Champions League

Beitrag von oldparish » 26.11.2015 12:31

Am I alone in thinking that if it wasn't for those blasted penalties we would have got out of this group?We would definitely have progressed from Wolfsburg's group because we are better than the other three teams in it!Never mind,just have to get back into it next year.Auf,auf,auf in die Champions League!
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Re: Champions League

Beitrag von Cormac » 26.11.2015 15:41

What difference does it make? We're in with the chance to qualify for the europa league now and we might win it actually.
But what happened in the earlier part of the season is in the past and doesn't matter.
So, auf auf auf in die europa league, win it and automaticaly qualify for the ecl.
How about that?
Nice choreo, Nordkurve, btw. And the banner said the truth. Fifa money monkeys.