Champions League v Man City

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blue punter
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Champions League v Man City

Beitrag von blue punter » 27.08.2015 23:35

Hello again everyone. Congratulations on reaching this years Champions League.

I joined here last year and you were good enough to give me some information which helped with getting tickets for the Europa League game against Villareal.
I really enjoyed the visit and hoped that I'd be able to return for another game.

As I'm a Manchester City fan, have already booked my flights over for the game at Borussia-Park at the end of September.

If any of the members would like information about Manchester for the return game, do not hesitate to send me a private message or post on here.

Thanks again and good luck for the season in the Bundesliga.
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Re: Champions League v Man City

Beitrag von Cormac » 28.08.2015 15:17

Hello Lee,
good to see you back on the Borussia forum.
Such a lucky coincidence, and what a group, ey?
So delighted with the draw. We wanted big football back in Mönchengladbach and here we are looking forward to 6 matches with some of the top clubs in europe.
Might travel to Manchester meself, provided I can lay hands on some tickets. :animrgreen:
I was @ Maine road with Borussia back in 1979 with big Joe Corrigan in goal. Smashin' game. T'was a 1:1 draw, a result I could with on december 8th. :D
Good luck