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Keep your eyes open tomorrow evening!

Verfasst: 23.01.2014 16:17
von oldparish
Apparently, tomorrow there will be a surprise visitor to the Borussia Park :o None other than the manager of Manchester United ,David Moyes :shock: According to a sports radio show this afternoon he is coming along to watch Max Kruse and Patrick Herrmann and Granit Xhaka. Raph Honigstein reportedly said no one at the Borussia Park knows he's coming and officially United (or Newton Heath Loco, as I like to call them) haven't applied for tickets for him according to Borussia! So, all you people on the Nordkurve take a look around ,you may be standing next to David Moyes :mrgreen:

Re: Keep your eyes open tomorrow evening!

Verfasst: 23.01.2014 16:39
von frank_schleck
:lol: :lol:

If Moyes really thinks that Herrmann, Xhaka and Kruse can get United back on top of the BPL he might actually be as bad as the table says at the moment.

Don't get me wrong. I think they are all awesome players for us, but United has ambitions that neither Herrmann nor Kruse or Xhaka can fulfill right now. All they could do at their current level is keeping United in the BPL's upper midfield.

Moreover they all have ongoing contracts and even if Moyes (for what ever reason) thinks they are good enough to really help United we could sell them totally overprized.

But honestly I don't give too many shíts about those rumours. It was obvious that ter Stegen leaves us, but that doesn't mean the team gets ripped apart again.

Quite the opposite is the case: we are looking for excellent keepers, we are aiming to get a huge amount of money back for a player who hasn't even played 90 minutes yet. There'll be an awful lot of money this summer without a too big loss of quality. The players we are linked with clearly show our ambitions (Eberl confirmed our interest in De Bruyne; didn't work, but the direction we are aiming at gets clear).

I don't really see any player who could leave us this summer without our staff wanting him to leave. Kruse has just arrived here and the last weeks have shown that he is not totally consistent yet. Raffael is excellent, but already quite "old" and happy to be coached by Favre. Xhaka has just made it to the starting eleven and should be smart enough not to move away yet. Same for Herrmann who is not at a level to play more than 2 minutes for Man United. And he probably knows that himself.

So don't worry. Just see Borussia winning tomorrow. (maybe + hopefully)

Re: Keep your eyes open tomorrow evening!

Verfasst: 24.01.2014 12:05
von oldparish
Wow, frank! I think we all trust Lucien Favre and Max Eberl to bring real players( a fact which hasn't always been true lately, except for the GREAT Hans Meyer) to the club. Are there any names being mentioned around the club that could be coming in the Summer. I've heard consistent rumours that de Jong could be off to Newcastle or Stoke :daumenhoch: :winker: in exchange for Papiss Cisse(I'd rather take Hatem ben Arfa), if we could keep him fit, in an exchange deal with a view to a permanent move in the summer. I think since Marco Reus left Herrmann has gone backwards a little, which is a shame. When MAtS leaves us, how much are Barca willing to pay (and it's Baumann for me)? As for tonight, it's about time those pesky Bavarians lost in the BuLi again, it's been far too long. Good luck boys, I'll be watching over here in Wales, and with a choice of German tv or BTSPORT! :schildborussia: