2:4 vs Pillen

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2:4 vs Pillen

Beitrag von Cormac » 24.08.2013 18:29

How daft can you get.
Arango's arm shouldn't have been there, 'tis against the 'new' rules. 3rd penalty for hands in 3 matches.
After the penalty Borussia stoped playing, 2:0 came after Tony fell asleep, Kießling hit the post, chaotic passing within the box. Good grief.
2nd half Borussia came back, good interaction between Max, Patrick and Martin on 2:1. 2:2 Leno did the 'Volborn', well almost :wink:
But 3mins later caught on the break, again :mauer:
All in all, nobody else to blame but ourselves.
Just one more thing.
Lucien, please save us from Granit. I know he's your fellow countryman, yes, he might have some class, but he's also giving the ball away so often, and with that allowing the other teams to catch us wrong footed.
And when you see how poorly he 'attacks' Castro just before the 4:2, feckin' ridiculous :wut:
Enjoy the rest of the weekend.
'nuff said
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Re: 2:4 vs Pillen

Beitrag von oldparish » 26.08.2013 08:53

Only saw highlights mate, but couldn't agree more. The penalties have been outrageous! Maybe we should bring out a new shirt before next week against SV Werder. A Straight Jacket! I think, going forward we are as good as two years ago. Defencively, I'd have Nordveit before Granit and also Jantscke needs to concentrate more. He seems to switch off. Also I'm a huge Roel Brouwers fan. Never moans and nevet lets us down. I was impressed with Sobiech and Proedl over the week-end. I wish we could find another Patrick Anderson :bmg: