Are the doing this on purpose?

Borussia all over the world!
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Are the doing this on purpose?

Beitrag von oldparish » 15.05.2013 15:03

Last August we played in Norwich, couldn't get any further away from me on this island in an easterly direction! :x Now, NOW! It's up to Scotland, please give me a break and COME TO WALES! We've got TWO English Premier League clubs about 40 miles apart and I live almost in the middle :evil: :bmg: :bmg: HELP!
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Re: Are the doing this on purpose?

Beitrag von Cormac » 16.05.2013 01:27

Hard luck Godfrey, but maybe the planners like triangles. Norwich, Glasgow and next year Swansea/Cardiff. :lol:
I just booked me a flight to Glasgow. Can't wait to see Borussia @ Paradise.