Die Gemeinschaft Sant' Egidio

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Die Gemeinschaft Sant' Egidio

Beitrag von oldparish » 11.10.2010 16:09

Looked a really worthwhile project.I got the general idea but as they all spoke so damn quick I couldn't follow it all.Anyone willing to explain it a litle more?If it's what I think it is I couldn't for one moment imagine any football club "auf der Insel"d oing anything like it :bmg:
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Re: Die Gemeinschaft Sant' Egidio

Beitrag von Tomka » 30.10.2010 10:17

I cant really see the context to football clubs. In my view its an Cristian community that stands for social activities. I hope we talk about the same thing my friend! http://www.santegidio.org/