Gladbach v Swansea

Borussia all over the world!

Gladbach v Swansea

Beitragvon Inselaffe-Borussia-Fan » 15.07.2015 18:53

So amazing for me to see my two beloved teams playing each other :mrgreen:

The Brits the better team so far, even though "we" are losing, "we" did score a cracker. Win-win for me :animrgreen2:

Couldn't get time off work for this, but I do go to 1860 v Swansea at the Grünwalder Stadion :kopfball: on Saturday

Ohh 1-1 :peace:
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Re: Gladbach v Swansea

Beitragvon oldparish » 15.07.2015 20:04

Impressed with the Swans,especially in the second half.Moved the ball quickly and with purpose considering it was their first game.No second season syndrome for Gary Monk on this performance.Thought it was hard to judge Borussia.No Hermann,Xhaka,Stranzl,Sommer,Dominguez.I don't know about Foals we looked more like Kindergarten XI.If those youngsters develop our future is secure for the next decade :daumenhoch:
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