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Beitragvon oldparish » 22.05.2015 10:32

Whether there is a response to this or not I don't really care but I want to put on record my overwhelming gratitude to everyone at the Borussia Park for these last four seasons.To Hans Meyer,for saving our club ,twice ,from oblivion. To Max Eberl for his hard work in player recruitment and getting Lucien Favre to join(at least I think it was him).to Lucien Favre himself for not only changing my opinion of him but more importantly taking my club from 3rd from bottom to,at least,3rd from top of the BuLi in about four years.To Rainer Bonhof for lending his experience and know how.To everyone that turns up every other week at the Borussia Park especially the Nordkurve and the thousands that travel everywhere with the team that makes you the best supporters anywhere.Living in Wales I can't get to the Borussia Park as often as I want but thanks to BTSport I've been lucky enough to have seen the team play very often this season and they have been a pleasure to watch.So,to everyone concerned.VIELEN DANK!And Auf,auf,auf in die Champions League :schildgeilsterclub:
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Re: 2014~2015

Beitragvon Cormac » 05.06.2015 13:03

There is not much to add to this sound estimation except perhaps thanking the players as well to implement all of the trainers plans and ideas. :daumenhoch:
And yes, auf, auf, auf in die Champions league is spot on.
(Only downpoint maybe, it'll be hard to get tickets for away matches if you're stuck in Ireland.)
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Re: 2014~2015

Beitragvon PaulX » 05.06.2015 16:25

@oldparish , @Cormac

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